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Re: [Xen-users] Reboot remote XCP instance via KVM-switch without root access

>>> On 2013/01/02 at 04:13, Sergey <power.real@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Hi all!
> I've forgot (it's all New Year stress) root password for XCP server
> and try to re-install it with attached KVM-switch. The problem is
> server not responds to Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and "Reboot" action in XCP
> menu requires root password. KVM-switch has no "reboot" option. Any
> thoughts? :)
> Thanks.

I think you're out of luck - you either need the root password or physical 
access.  The one thing you can try is the Magic SysRq key - SysRq + o = reboot, 
so if the KVM has the capability of sending keyboard macros, you could try this 
key combo for a hard reboot and see if that works.  I don't know off the top of 
my head if XCP supports SysRq out of the box - some systems support limited 
features, like halt/reboot, others have it completely disabled, and then some 
have all of the SysRq keys enabled.



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