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Re: [Xen-users] XenServer Q & A

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I’m  working on a problem related to networking between two DomUs.  Currently we’re using Xen 4.2.1 built on CentOS 6. 


We’re trying to create a bridged network between two VM DomUs.  All devices seem to set themselves up correctly with regard to the DomU and the Dom0.  Each DomU configuration file defines a vif device and points it at the bridge.  Additionally, upon viewing the bridge information, I can correctly see the running DomU’s vif device attached to the bridge. 


# brctl show

bridge name      bridge id                              STP enabled       interfaces

xenbr0                  8000.feffffffffff                no                           vif3.0



However, I cannot seem to ping between the two DomU machines (each was assigned a 10.0.0.* address). 


I have followed a number of guides that suggest the following:

-          Disabling netfilter on bridges (/etc/sysctl.conf). 

-          Enable forwarding (/etc/sysctl.conf).  Rebooted to make sure this took effect.

-          Disabled iptables.



Does anyone have any advice on how to remedy this situation? 


Currently I’m just trying to keep network communications between the DomU’s…not seeking external communication yet.


Thanks for your help.

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