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[Xen-users] XCP Debian 7 - Routed mode

Hi everyone,

I just got a brand new server by Hetzner.de. The thing is, when you
have additional IP, to use routed mode (precisely a subnet of IP,
story of exposed MAC in their data center etc.) Bridged mode is NOT
possible for getting connectivity in VM's.

Traditionally, I'm more confident with "standard" Xen setup, so it's
easy to switch from bridged to routed mode. But with XCP, I not sure
how to do that (and it's annoying when you lost connectivity due to
bad config)

When you install XCP on Debian, you have only choice between bridge
and openvswitch. I'm ok with bridged config, I can do it fine (but
without any working network in my VM's)

But how to switch to routed mode?

If I try to activate routed scripts in xen-config.sxp, my dom0 is no
longer available (ssh timeout). By letting only vif route, it "works"
but no success for getting network in my VM's.

Sadly, I don't have a KVM over IP to see anything :/

Here is my network conf in "working" the Dom0 bridged mode:
auto xenbr0
iface xenbr0 inet static
  bridge_ports eth0
  address   78.47.80.xxx
  broadcast 78.47.80.xxx
  gateway   78.47.80.xx
  # default route to access subnet
  up route add -net 78.47.80.xx netmask gw 78.47.80.xx xenbr0

If I try to put "eth0" to replace "xenbr0", it doesn't work either
(dom0 is not pingable)

So, what can I do to have a working routed config in XCP? If it's not
possible, I'll go back to "traditional" Xen with xen-tools.

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