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[Xen-users] How to use libvirt with XL

Hi all,

I'm using Alpine Linux 2.5.0 with Xen 4.2.0 and Libvirt 1.0.0
I'm using the xl toolstack.

I would like to extend a libvirt-module for Ansible (ansible.cc) so
that it can increase / decrease a VMs memory on the spot.

Now, while testing the basics it seems libvirt can't get it right:

waxh0002:/var/log# virsh --connect xen:/// list
error: unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

>From what I read about the xl support patch to libvirt, it should
"autodetect" that i'm using xl if Xend is not running (and it is not
Also the patch is supposed to be in upstream, thus in the version I am
using here. (Right?)
Libvirtd is started and whatever.

It would be cool if someone could verify this works for them *with*
*xl* *toolstack*.

Mail ends here since everything else I wrote was just rants.

the purpose of libvirt is to provide an abstraction layer hiding all
xen features added since 2006 until they were finally understood and
copied by the kvm devs.

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