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[Xen-users] Problems to start a xen DomU using a logical volume.

Hi guys,

I followed this article to install my first xen project to compare its CPU/memory and I/O performance with a kvm domain on CentOS 6.4. 

In the initial tests whit super.pi benchmarck the CPU performance of my xen domai was extremely worst than my kvm domain. 

Well, I am think that maybe, something was wrong in my xen setup. So I decided to boot a new xen guest using a logical volume filesystem instead a disk image, to see whether CPU performance will be better. But this setup is not working

That is the error (when I try to create a guest domain with a logical volume filesystem):
Anyone knows what i need to do tho solve this problem?

[root@xen]# xm create xen-pv01.cfg -c
Using config file "./xen-pv01.cfg".
EXT3-fs (xvda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode
dracut: Mounted root filesystem /dev/xvda1
dracut: chroot: failed to run command `/sbin/load_policy': No such file or directory
dracut: Switching root

Leopoldo Mauricio
Tel: 2483-6474
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