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[Xen-users] Xen 4.2.1. Intel Integrated VGA passthrough. BSOD in Windows guests.


I configured xen with enabled passthrough primary VGA card (Intel Integrated
graphic controller HD 3000) and audio controller (Intel HD audio) to hvm
I also installed GPLPV drivers to improve performance.
And it works for Windows XP (x86) and Windows 7 (x86_64).

But I get a BSOD, when I try to load a disk or network subsystem or start
Windows 7 performance test.
Steps to reproduce
1) enable PCI passthrough and pass primary VGA card
2) Try to copy a large file (3G for example) over the network into guest. ( or
try to install large application)
1) A graphical artifacts appears
2) Then comes the BSOD and each time with different messages.

If VGA passthrough is off, there is no such problems.

Any ideas?

My xl info in xl_info.txt in attachment.

My xl dmesg in xl_dmesg.txt in attachment.

Domain 0 kernel configuraton in dom0.config.

Guest cfg is xl_hvm.cfg in attachment.
By the way /dev/mapper/oxen0 is opened LUKS partition

Thank you.

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