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Re: [Xen-users] xl migrate command - disable ssh

> As I said, you'll first need to get some sort of remote shell working.
> My suggestions are for RSH or Telnet, but anything that can get you a
> shell will work. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience with
> either, as I have been raised in an ssh world. In fact, I use sshfs
> for remote file shares, and I've never had an issue with performance
> bottlenecks even while saturating my gigabit link. So not that I'm
> discouraging your academic exploration, but I would say that in all
> likelihood, the performance loss of using ssh is negligible and the
> security gained is substantial. Just my $0.02.

And, of course, itchy send finger strikes again.

Once you have a remote shell, you simply need the command line string
necessary to open said remote shell. Then xl migrate will take over
from there. Check out "man xl" for info on that, especially the -s
flag. Essentially, you'll need to pass everything necessary for the
shell to open within that string. I haven't played around with it
enough to know if it can deal with a password prompt correctly, so
you'll have to test that out for yourself.


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