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Re: [Xen-users] Can't contact dom0 but can contact dom1, dom2, etc.

Sean Greenslade wrote:
> Fabrice Delente wrote:
>> physdev match: using --physdev-out in the OUTPUT, FORWARD and 
>> POSTROUTING chains for non-bridged traffic is not supported anymore.
> This means you have some rules in your iptables that aren't supported.
> If this is any indication of what yous issues are, it's that iptables
> is misconfigured. You may want to check over your rules table and make
> sure they're all sane.

No, this only means that you're using --physdev-out somewhere in the 
rules.  Even if you're only using it in a sane fashion--for bridged 
traffic--the message still appears.  When you modify the rules, it 
appears once for every usage.

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