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[Xen-users] using xen with sdl and custom vga resolution

Hallo everybody,

I'm trying to use a Xen HVM Windows 7 Guest on a Debian Wheezy dom0. I connect 
to the DomU via SDL. Quite everything is working like I want. 

The only Problem left is that I cannot select the vga resolution inside the 
DomU. My monitor required a resolution of 1440x768. The only available mode 
with a width of 1440 is 1440x900.
Is there any way to make this mode available? 
I tried the stdvga=0 and the stdvga=1 option and set the video memory to 16.  

I don't want to use vga passthrough because I use a ps/2 keyboard an mouse and 
have no way to connect this direct to the DomU.

I would be happy If anybody have a solution for me.


Fabian Koeslin 

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