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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.1.4 fails to boot Linux in wheezy

Alexandre Kouznetsov wrote:
> Please post your boot loader configuration.


> The next thing to try would be hardware debugging. Memtest

For the record, memtest86+ (Debian 4.20-1.1) doesn't work with UEFI: 
Looks like memtest86 has the same issue, since it also uses linux16.

I'd have to prepare a BIOS-bootable USB stick to use this.  It's not 
clear how to do this.  Simply copying the included ISO to a USB stick 
doesn't boot.  I also question the value of running a BIOS-booted test 
to solve a UEFI-booted software problem.  Perhaps you can explain your 

This is a new machine, and I ran the HP ROM-based memory test when I got 

> set BIOS into fail-safe settings.

I don't know what you mean.  Reset the BIOS settings to the factory 
defaults?  I have no reason to do that.  In fact, I already did that 
once, because I lost track of the settings that I had changed.  But now 
I know precisely what changes I've made, so resetting and rechanging the 
settings would simply put me where I am now.

> A good reference would be to test Squeeze's Xen and kernel, if they 
> show the same behavior.

Yeah, that's the fallback.  I've have Xen on squeeze on another system, 
but I'm not confident that it will work here: I suspect that Xen is 
having an issue with my dm-crypt root.

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