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Re: [Xen-users] Virtualizing primary desktop

On 04/01/2013 10:25 AM, Gordon Cooke wrote:
I'm planning to use Xen to virtualize my new desktop at home- a bit of an experiment for me.  Should I a) use my primary working linux distro that I use day-to-day as dom0 so I have easy access to peripherals and control over things, or b) use a minimal headless install for dom0 and make my day-to-day desktop a domU so I minimze risk of breaking the entire Xen environment and just passthrough the peripherals?  Anyone have any experience or advice?
Detailed background for anyone interested:
Have a new 8 core machine I'm setting up.
Consider the following VMs to isolate some tasks so services are somewhat isolated and dont break each other:
- Linux Desktop
- Win7 Desktop
- Media server to stream music and video collection (considering Plex)
- File and print server (Samba, CUPS, NFS, etc)
- Backup server to pull/sync data with other machines in house (considering Backup PC)
and probably a handful of distros Im trying out to test things, probably a LAMP stack for some development
This would be the central computer in the house thats always on.  Home network consists of this machine, ipad, Asus tablet, iphone, android phone, a smart BlueRay, a windows laptop and a few linux laptops.  If the media streaming works out then will probably add a Roku or something similar.

You should look at Qubes OS - even if you don't use it, it has some great ideas for using Xen in a desktop situation.

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