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Re: [Xen-users] Trouble booting FreeBSD i386 PV DomU

>>>>> "Cherry" == Cherry G Mathew <cherry@xxxxxx> writes:

>>>>> "Roger" == Roger Pau Monnà <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Roger> On 31/03/13 19:45, Cherry G.Mathew wrote:
    >>> On 21/02/13 10:18, tech mailinglists wrote:
    >>>> Hello all,
    >>>> I have created a FreeBSD PV DomU image formatted with ZFS. I
    >>>> compiled FreeBSD with KERNCONF=XEN for the kernel and the
    >>>> normal world and distribution target. Then I transfered it to a
    >>>> Debian Dom0 with Xen 4.2.1.
    >>>> I tried to boot the image befor I migrate it to LVM and I now
    >>>> get teh following output:
    >>> [...]
    >>>> run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 300 seconds for
    >>>> xenbus_free_evtchn panic: run_interrupt_driven_config_hooks:
    >>>> waited too long cpuid = 0 KDB: enter: panic [ thread pid 0 tid
    >>>> 100000 ] Stopped at kdb_enter+0x3a: movl $0,kdb_why
    >>> Try see if patch below should help the boot a bit along.

    Roger> The problem is already solved, it was crashing because
    Roger> blkback in Dom0 was not correctly working -- nothing to do
    Roger> with FreeBSD. The 9.x releases work correctly, the problem is
    Roger> with HEAD and the backtrace I've posted.

    Cherry> I'd be keen to know why this is not an issue with other OSs
    Cherry> (I run a NetBSD-pv on a xen linux dom0. For FreeBSD amd64
    Cherry> PV, I seem to be getting xenstore events, and the panic is
    Cherry> caused by interrupt boot time hooks not being unhooked by
    Cherry> the xenbus driver, because it waits for child devices on
    Cherry> xenbus to finish their "attach". This is a bit redundant
    Cherry> afaict, because the hooks are called together in the order
    Cherry> of registration - the registrations themselves being in the
    Cherry> autoconf device tree traversal order - and for the xen
    Cherry> drivers, I don't see any interrupt hook specific
    Cherry> dependencies in the children attaching to xenbus (I may be
    Cherry> wrong).

    Cherry> Anyway, that's what the patch does.

Update - ignore that patch - I had a disk related configuration error
which caused my problem (dom0 blkback is fine). Sorry for the noise.


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