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Re: [Xen-users] [seek help] Intall two seperate xen domain0s, fail to boot

  • To: xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2013 13:56:52 -0600
  • Delivery-date: Fri, 05 Apr 2013 19:57:59 +0000
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El 04/04/13 21:11, Ciel escribió:
Originally the Domain0 on server is *Ubuntu12.10 with Xen 4.1.3,
*on*partition 1*.  I  installed another OS image of*Ubuntu 12.04 with
Xen 4.1.2*, on another *partition 2*.  After I reboot, in the Grub,
there is only one *Xen 4.1, * enter it comes 4 options for 2 types of
Linux kernal versions:
(1)Linux 3.0.29
(2)Linux 3.0.29(recovery)
(3)Linux 3.0.23
(4)Linux 3.0.23(recovery)
But when I choose any of them, the system cannot be load, and restart again.
Please attach your grub.cfg file. Make sure it's the actually used file: if your computer launches Grub with the config from one partition, and you post the config from another partition, it would be worst then useless, it would confuse.

Also, use "e" key over the Grub option you are trying to boot. Edit the kernel boot line an remove any reference of "splash" or "quiet". Boot this option and describe what you see. Even better, take a picture of your screen. It will probably tell what's the problem and why your system can't boot.

Note that this change will NOT be persistent, the next boot you will have the original configuration, unless you edit grub.cfg.

I would like to know, is it possible to have two Xen OSs separately on
one server, and we can choose one on boot?
Yes, seems like a quite standard dual-boot setup.

I think it should not be confilict since they are not running at same
time. I plan to edit the grub to have a try.
In order to make sure they do not conflict with each other, like both systems attempting to have it's boot loader within MBR, consider to configure one of them to use it's partition's MBR, not the whole disk's MBR. So, one system could boot normally, via a Grub option, and there will be another option to chain-load Grub form other system's partition and select it's own boot option.


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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