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[Xen-users] Cannot shut down a domU from dom0

Hi folks,

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 beta2 in dom0 which has xen 4.2.1

My ultimate goal is to get the VM booting from the CD again and I'm
racking my brain trying to figure out why my config file is not doing
it.  It booted from there fine for my initial OS install.  So I figure
maybe it is because I have to completely shut down the domU.
However, domU does not want to shut down.

I have chosen the xl toolchain mainly because in my bit of reading
that seemed to be the new drive forward.   Maybe that was the wrong

root@xen01dom0:~# xl shutdown redhat8
PV control interface not available: external graceful shutdown not possible.
Use "-F" to fallback to ACPI power event.
shutdown failed (rc=-10)
root@xen01dom0:~# xl -F shutdown redhat8
/usr/lib/xen-4.2/bin/xl: invalid option -- 'F'
unknown global option

Yes, that's right, redhat8!!!   I have a legacy application stuck on
that and I am trying to virtualize it.


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