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Re: [Xen-users] BUG: slow xen performance under freebsd freenas

On 17/04/13 16:51, jacek burghardt wrote:
> It seems that each revisions of xen unstable are getting slower and
> slower. Recently I can boot freenas it stops at option screen. I have to
> press 1 before it goes to screen in order for me to boot freenas
> (runnning under (hvm). Server 2012 started to slow down also. I was
> running instance and when I connected to it was very sluggish I had
> rebooted it and now seems normal.
> I tested virtual hard drive performance I use lvms and I was getting 90
> mb/s and 120 mb/s on two different  servers  but whole vm seems slower
> now. Any pointers on debugging it ?


First of all you should find two commits where there is a performance
regression (commit A being faster than commit B), then run some
benchmarks on both commits to prove that indeed there is a performance
regression, and finally bisect Xen in order to find the commit that's
causing the performance regression (using git bisect and running the
benchmark at every bisect step).


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