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[Xen-users] Passive Domain Oprofile about HVM DomainU kernel

Hi All.

I installed XCP 1.6 on IntelCore i7-2600 CPU and created  HVM Domain U ( CentOS 6.3.) and PV Domain U ( Centos 6.3 ).
And I am trying to profile kernel, and xen.

So I tried oprofile in Domain 0 with the below.

1.      opcontrol --start-daemon --xen=/env/xen-syms-4.1.3 --vmlinux=/env/vmlinux-dom0 --passive-domains=1,2 --passive-images=/env/vmlinux-centos63hvm,/env/vmlinux-centos63pv
2.      opcontrol --start
3.      opcontrol --stop
4.      opcontrol --shtudown

But I used 'opreport -l' to view profile report, there is profile result with symbols about domain0-xen, domain0-kernel, PV domainU-xen, PV domainU-kernel, HVM domainU-xen except HVM domainU-kernel.

So I would like to got result about HVM domainU kernel, Any suggestions for how to profile HVM domainU kernel ?

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