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Re: [Xen-users] Perfectly consistent zero-downtime backup

I made some tests and everything works flawlessly except the editing part.
I started with the original vm shutted down, editing just the "(uname file:/srv/xen/test.img)" directive in the state file. Unfortunately if I edit such line to "(uname file:/usb1/backup/test.img)" the vm doesn't restore anymore.

# xm restore test_modified.save
Error: Restore failed
Usage: xm restore <CheckpointFile> [-p]

Restore a domain from a saved state.
  -p, --paused                   Do not unpause domain after restoring it

If I edit the state file again and I change back the path to the original one everything works flawlessly. The checksum of the state file now even matches the original one, so I didn't make any mistake while editing the file.

# md5sum test.save test_modified.save
8d3efc6b8c239d80522af3757721020c  test.save
8d3efc6b8c239d80522af3757721020c  test_modified.save

I edit the state file such a way:

head -1 test.save > test.save_firstline
vi test.save_firstline
head -1 test.save_firstline > test_modified.save; sed '1d' test.save >> test_modified.save

Why does changing the path breaks the restore? Am I trying to do something unfeasible?



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