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[Xen-users] anyone using blktap2 under Debian Wheezy?

Is anyone using blktap2 under Debian Wheezy?

I've done the following:
. upgraded to 3.8 kernels from experimental
. installed blktap-dkms (and patched to fix missing symbol issues)
. loaded modules

The best I can get is errors in syslog like:

tapdisk[13259]: tapdisk-control: init, 10 x 4k buffers
tapdisk[13259]: tapdisk-log: closing after 0 errors
tapdisk[13259]: failed to complete server: -2
tapdisk[13259]: tapdisk-control: draining 0 connections
tapdisk[13259]: tapdisk-control: done
tap-ctl: tap-err:tap_ctl_get_child_id: parsing id failed: 22
tap-ctl: tap-err:tap_ctl_spawn: get_id failed, child 13258 err 22

an strace doesn't show me anything obvious as to what is going wrong.



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