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Re: [Xen-users] finding the source VM of local ip

Mofta7y wrote:
> it seems that one or more VMs users in an Xen server has configured a 
> local ip range for communication between VMs
> now my main issue is to find out which VMs are using these local IPs
> I tried arping those ips and got their MAC address but this mac 
> address is not the mac address of any network interface in the server 

Not sure what you mean.  The MACs will probably be assigned to the 
domU-internal interfaces, not to any dom0 interface.

> we are using bridged domu networking
> anyone knows of any way to find which VMs are using these local IPs ? 

Try "brctl showmacs" on the domUs's bridge.  That should get you the 
port(s) of the MACs that you're seeing.  (I'd expect all those MACs to 
be non-local.)

> Also if there is no way to find who is using them can we just prevent 
> them from communicating with each other through dom0 ?

Iptables rules can handle that.  I find vif-bridge's handle_iptable 
rules to be too generous, so I use a modified script and code my own 

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