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[Xen-users] Large number of TCP sockets

Hello all,

We're trying to move a farm of ancient physicals to VMs and experiencing some network issues. The network problems are usually seen as TCP retransmits due to bad chksum and now we're seeing complete halt to network traffic (just to that VM, not the other residents) for ~10 minutes. The characteristics of the VM experiencing the problems; 2700 sockets always open, 32bit app, 4 vcpus, Linux. Using the network tuning guide on the wiki; I've messed with TCP offloading, various network params (no affect), and setting the affinity of the app to other than CPU0. I've also tried openvswitch, that was brought to its knees so I'm back on linux bridge. 4 dom0 vcpus, one netback process at an avg. of 40%.

Anybody have experience with large number of sockets? Or tried this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xvmsocket/ I think I could configure my VM setup to accommodate it.

Thanks in advance,
John Eisenhower

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