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Re: [Xen-users] VGA/PCI Passthrough of Secondary Graphics Adapter

I hope this information will be useful to someone beyond myself, because
I had to spend quite a bit of time to get it to work. Time is money too,
so there comes a point where buying working solutions becomes cheap. I
would like to see a database of working hardware combinations. (Atleast
I would have loved to when I was setting it up)

Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5 with i7-3820
Gentoo dom0 at 3.7.10, 3.8.10, will now test 3.9.0
Xen 4.2.0 from portage, xl toolstack
nVidia GTX275 as dom0 VGA
Asus Radeon HD7770 DCU-II as domU Secondary Passthrough
Windows 7 64bit with PV drivers.
AMD 12.104 drivers
xen kernel options:
linux kernel options:
 Âxen-pciback.hide=(USBbus and VGA card)

What does xen-pciback.permissive do?

I found that regardless of xen-pciback module options, I have to manually detach the devices from dom0 after loading the xen-pciback module.

I have never seen this message myself, but apparently without permissive some devices won't be passed or won't work as intended.

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