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[Xen-users] Remus with more than one vm

I'm working with remus in a ubuntu 12.10
it works ok but only with one VM.

I try it with PV guests, but it doesnÂt work.

After some tries, it worked with HVM guest(Debian 6 32 Bits)  but after some
time that i started the remus for the second VM i got this error:

/PROF: flushed memory at 1367809647.187154
PROF: suspending at 1367809648.186917
issuing HVM suspend hypercall
suspend hypercall returned 0
domain 11 not shut down
xc: error: Suspend request failed: Internal error
xc: error: Domain appears not to have suspended: Internal error
PROF: resumed at 1367809648.189705
resuming QEMU/

Anybody runs more than one vm with remus? 
I changed the remus heartbeat
to fix it but i have no success.


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