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Re: [Xen-users] SSD 4K Alignment?

> Adi, just so I'm 100% clear on this. Are you saying that 4k aligned or
> not is irrelevant due to the 512 hard-coded issue with DomU? Is the
> performance hit you were seeing in your bug report still applicable to
> non RAID environments? Reason I ask is that with a single Windows 2008
> R2 VM on XCP 1.6 all loaded on a Samsung 840 500GB SSD I am getting IOPS
> and transfer rates in IOMeter that are a fraction (as in 5%) of the
> manufacturers claims. I think I'll blow away my XCP install and put
> Windows 2008 R2 on directly and see what I get out of IOMeter there
> using the same testing profiles.

When you type " fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c:" at a command prompt, what does 
windows say for "Bytes Per Physical Sector" and "Bytes Per Sector"?


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