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Re: [Xen-users] SSD 4K Alignment?

Topposting -  I know - limitations of mobile device. Sorry. 

I am not disputing anything you've said - however for what its worth I had the 
opposite experience. After buying hardware that I checked was on the vmware 
list I found it under performed, didn't support the raid controller properly 
and had odd networking issues dealing with our vlans. 

Xen was an improvement and I'm looking forward to pushing the boundaries with 
xcp and being able to solve problems due to the more open nature. 

Of course. Miss a few things. Like the ability to change network (and other) 
config options on a running vm... But I figure that I probably just haven't 
discovered how to do these things yet. 

When I had issues on vmware I had trouble getting to the right people and 
getting them to take the issue seriously. 

The xen/xcp community seems a lot more open / engaging.  For that I'm very 
thankful. Regards returned. 


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> Reason I ask is that with a single Windows 2008 R2 VM on XCP 1.6 all loaded on
> a Samsung 840 500GB SSD I am getting IOPS and transfer rates in IOMeter that
> are a fraction (as in 5%) of the manufacturers claims.

Quite interested to hear your conclusions if any. We ended up dropping XCP as a 
platform with the last bunch of VMs being replaced last Christmas, due to IO 
and networking performance issues. We were never able to get more than 20 MBps 
out of the VM disks, and network performance was poor enough for it to be 
impossible to run heavily loaded load balancers (IPVS) on them.

I am sure our problems were due to configuration mistakes, at least I hope so, 
but we have never seen anything like it in our new environment (on the same 

Best regards

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