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Re: [Xen-users] gplpv: re-enabling the nic adapter removes it

> I guess I have stumbled upon a bug in gplpv drivers.
> If you try to re-enable an nic adapter after disabling it, it just
> hides out of blue. And you have to reboot.
> Latest version of gplpv drivers and Windows 2008 R2 here.
> Anyone else noticed the same issue?
> I wonder if this is related to hot-plugging something like
> http://blogs.vmware.com/kb/2010/06/nic-is-missing-in-my-virtual-
> machine.html#.UZIop3G53Rg
> ??

With version I cannot reproduce this problem. Disabling the network 
interface unloads the xennet driver, and enabling it reloads the driver and it 
all works fine.

If you had two network interfaces loaded, disabling wouldn't unload the driver 
so the code path would be different. I can't test that at the moment but if 
that is your situation I will set something up to reproduce.

If you are using then please install the debug version of the 
drivers, and send me the output of /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-<domu name>.log after 
you have disabled and then enabled the network. If you are using something 
older then you can do the same and I can have a look but I recommend you 
install the latest drivers from the testing directory as they have been a lot 
more robust for me. The only problem is that they are test-signed at the moment 
until I can sort out getting a certificate, so you would need to do bcdedit 
/set testsigning on to be able to install them on a 64 bit OS.


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