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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthrough / Xen 4.2 / Linux 3.9.2

Aloha Gordon,

When you say "BSOD on subsequent start-ups," are you saying that on the boot after AMD driver installation your system BSODs?  How do you manage to get around that, by simply restarting the host?

On May 15, 2013, at 10:52 AM, "Gordan Bobic [via Xen]" <[hidden email]> wrote:

I believe I finally figured out what miraculously made things work: I
reduced the domU memory from 8GB to 2GB.

With 8GB it BSODs at startup.

With 2GB it "just works".

Now on to fighting the more minor issues (none of my USB devices work
after domU reboot, ejecting them doesn't help) and the issues that
everybody else is having (BSOD on subsequent domU start-ups after
shutting it down once).


On 05/15/2013 12:32 AM, Gordan Bobic wrote:

> Hopefully a penultimate update. In short - I have ATI Secondary
> Passthrough working and seemingly stable today.
> 1) I have _no idea_ what, if anything I configured differently compared
> to all the previous attempts over the past week. :(
> 2) Yes, it works fine on a dual socket system with NF200 PCIe bridges.
> NF200 is NOT a problem.
> 3) The only thing I can think if that I did differently today is that I
> eject the card immediately before running a game (testing with
> Borderlands 2). Eject the card, it immediately gets re-added, then
> launch the app. Hours of gaming without a single glitch.
> 4) No spurious AER PCIe errors like the ones manifesting with the Nvidia
> Quadro card.
> If today's success sticks, I may just get a 7970 cometh pay day,
> I'm going to try to figure out what, if anything other than reseting the
> card immediately before starting a 3D app is different. But I'm most
> pleased that whatever the problem was, hardware compatibility wasn't it.
> Thanks to all of you who helped and provided encouragement that saw to
> it that I persevere with the effort.
> Gordan

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