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[Xen-users] Passing multiple USB devices to domU


I'm trying to set up the domU configuration file so it automatically passes two devices to domU, and I'm not having any success. I tried:

usb = 1
usbdevices = host:aaaa:bbbb
usbdevices = host:cccc:dddd

(aaaa:bbbb and cccc:dddd being device IDs of the mouse and keyboard I want to pass in).

This results in only the last device listed being passed through to domU.

If I use the same syntax as for multiple PCI devices:

usbdevices = [ 'host:aaaa:bbbb', 'host:cccc:dddd' ]

None of the devices get passed through to the VM.

So every time the domU starts, I have to:

xm xm usb-hc-create domu 1 2
xm usb-add domu host:aaaa:bbbb
xm usb-add domu host:cccc:dddd

While workable, this is quite inconvenient. What is the correct syntax in the domu config file to pass multiple usb devices to it? All googling has found for me is a post to the mailing list from 2009 with somebody having the same problem and no solution.


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