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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] xen forum

May be you are correct but i believe that the volume of emails makes difficult to find info you looking for. Forum you can post stickies and users can help each other fix bugs.  If user a states that they have this issue with xen and user b had same issue and found a patch and posts info about it that will make easy for rest of user to download and install patch. It very hard to search mailing list. xen vga pass info is interesting also there lots of info about and many patches but main website with patches is down. I posted patches for xen 4.3 i hope somone can provide patches for xen 4.2 

On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 11:14 AM, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 05/19/2013 04:24 PM, jacek burghardt wrote:
I want to add bug tracking software but forum seems like great place to
ask questions and exchange ideas. I am open to people willing to be
moderators and ideas for sections of board. I have horrible time
searching mailing lists. How many times we have people asking
on reassigning video cards sound cards. I believe having one place for
related bios files patches and howtos will be very nice.

That sounds like something that should be on the wiki, not on a forum. And there already is a wiki. It might be under-maintained, but it does exist. So is the solution really yet more sources of information or more/better use of the sources that are already there?

I am all for raising the profile of the issue and getting the community more involved, which is what I figure you're trying to do. Having said that, the problem is that we don't seem to be getting as much traction from the developers and other people more familiar with the internals of Xen.

I can understand that the developers on a project like this are generally going to be coming from two separate camps:

1) People who became developers to fix the problems they were having and have limited interest in other bugs other people are hitting.

2) People who are paid to do development by their employer, who are only going to be focusing on any issues that arise on a very limited selection of hardware/OS/software combinations that are deemed "supported" by their employer, and generally won't care about any other issues, especially those that don't manifest on the "supported" hardware.

This explains why a lot of questions go unanswered even though they refer to bugs that were filed on the xensource bugzilla years ago.

I see people
ask questions on this mailing board and get no answers  does it get
missed or it was asked before I don't know but I believe having a  forum
maybe the answer to it.

I wish you were right, but I cannot see any reason why a forum might get more traction than a mailing list. Mailing lists get posts straight to your inbox where people who know the answer are more likely to hear them. On the forum they are only going to get spotted by the people who actively look at the forum, and those are generally going to be the ones looking for solutions to their own problems rather than the developers who might actually be able to resolve an issue.


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