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Re: [Xen-users] Bridge networking in Debian

James Triplett <jm-xenusers@xxxxxxx> schrieb:

>Starting a new Xen setup, with off-the-shelf Wheezy, and the standard
>Xen packages,
>which turn out to be Xen 4.1
>I used to just put a (network-script network-bridge) in the Xen setup,
>but I guess
>you can't do that anymore...

>Does anyone know the correct configuration in /etc/network/interfaces
>a dead-simple bridge to support Xen domU's?

For first check your bridge setup (which is not xen related - see bridge-utils / linux bridge or better debian bridge networking for any details of you OS, but should be simple):

To watch and manipulate bridges you should have brctl ("brctl help" gives you a list of commands/options).

See is you bridge is up and all the required intercaces (including the "outer side physical") are in the bridge:

brctl show

As the first step - make shure that all of your physical interfaces are up but have no IP configurations (this breaks the principle of bridges) - just your bridge has to have a IP if you want networking from your Dom0:

ip addr show
route -n

If you want to ping to or from outside to/from your Dom0 ("host system") you need an IP and route on/over your bridge interface, but NOT on the real interfaces!

As the second step - with the 4.1 xen / DomU config you just enable bridge config (with the name of your bridge) - this enables xen to add/connect each new DomU interface to your bridge automatically.

good luck and best regards,

Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet
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