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Re: [Xen-users] Where are the virtual disk images stored

Ohh, I see what I did not check until now..

I thought the file:/ prefix was some other path and now I realized that the vmstore is located in the root / directory.
I have just found it and the VM4LiveFS is there. Thank you for your help and your time.

(Yes, I will do it. I am sorry for not doing it).

Thank you for your time.


2013/5/20 Thanos Makatos <thanos.makatos@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I saw these paths, but I could not locate the file:/vmstore//domains
> path in my system.
> Is this defined somewhere? For instance in a configuration file or a
> global variable?
> Thank you for your help

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Just to be clear, there's no /vmstore/domains/VM4LiveFS directory? If you're able to use the VM you said you created then this path should be there.

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