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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] xen forum

On 22/05/13 17:44, Gordan Bobic wrote:

What we need is people who report / complain about bugs / deficiences
in a constructive way.

More like nag about a problem enough to get somebody to pay attention
and hope that the attention it gets isn't being added to the killfile.

This conversation is getting really negative, so I think we need to turn the direction a bit.

The developers want to be told about bugs so we can fix them; and we want users to have confidence in the software they're using. Nobody is going to be added to a killfile for reporting a bug and asking about it a few times.

We've known for a while that important bugs sometimes get dropped, and we've already started working on solutions for it that fit with our existing workflow. And obviously having a bugzilla that no one actually uses is much worse than just having no bugzilla at all. That needs to be sorted out.

As we've been looking at re-organizing the bug-reporting process, we've been mainly looking at how we can make it useful for developers, so that we can spend more time actually fixing bugs and writing new features. It seems maybe we've been focusing too much on that and not on the perspective of the users.

So thank you for bringing this up; hopefully we can come up with something that is the best for everyone.


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