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Re: [Xen-users] Software Raid 5 domu performance drop

26.05.2013 14:43, James Harper ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Hello. I'm experiencing solid I/O performance drop when using software
raid 5 from PV DomU. I can get about 420M/s for sequential reads and
~220 M/s for sequential writes when using it from Dom0. But it's only
~170 M/s for read and ~80 M/s for write when using it from DomU.

DomU performance for single drive is close to native â ~160 M/s for
reads and ~160 for writes.

There is no filesystem or LVM, just raw data. Debian wheezy x86_64 for
both Dom0 and DomU. And "phy" backend is used to attach drive to DomU.
Is this a bug or something wrong with my setup? What should I check?

How are you measuring this performance?

I  running dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xvdb bs=1M for several minutes.

Also tried "cat /dev/zero | pv -r > /dev/xvdb " which gave me similar results.

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