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[Xen-users] Windows 7 hvm in xen 4.2.2 crashes immediately


     I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my Gentoo system using Xen and so far, I'm only half way. I had a few problems and could solve them with bits of information gathered here and there, but right now I'm completely stuck.

     I'm using Xen 4.2.2, trying to install Windows 7 from an iso image located in /mnt/Win7.iso. The destination will be a 100GiB logical volume in /dev/sdb. My netowrk bridge works. I'm not trying to do passthrough for now.

     When I execute 'xl create /etc/xen/win7.cfg', it seems to work, and from a different console ( xl list ) I can see that the domain 'windows' comes up, it starts with one processor and after 17 seconds, it brings up a second one, very shortly after that, it crashes.

     Here you can find some information about my actual system, xen configuration, logs and version of xen used.

System information
dmesg-xen -> http://pastebin.com/06qF21gr
lspci_xen -> http://pastebin.com/Vc34C0yE
emerge_info -> http://pastebin.com/Geiabhka

lv_display -> http://pastebin.com/hSEayGzm
vg_display -> http://pastebin.com/KBu6NBHW

etc_default_grub -> http://pastebin.com/e5QQF7DD ( /etc/default/grub used to generate grub2 config file )
etc_xen_win7.cfg -> http://pastebin.com/dsTA0X0W ( windows 7 configuration file, last edition tried )
boot_efi_grub2_grub.cfg -> http://pastebin.com/czrixA38 ( fragment of /boot/efi/GRUB2/grub.cfg. I'm booting Xen withthis option )
etc_conf_d_net -> http://pastebin.com/jAwwe7v0 ( network and bridge )
xen_and_xen_tools -> http://pastebin.com/HQ5jT8S4 ( versions installed )

Output redirected from commands in the Xen session.
xl_vvv_create -> xl_vvv_create
xend_command -> http://pastebin.com/w7mFDStx
xl_info -> http://pastebin.com/Rmfqv9iR

xend.log -> http://pastebin.com/ccLPU0gA
qemu-dm-windows.log -> http://pastebin.com/HVgDcmN4
xl-windows.log -> http://pastebin.com/KMF2sUae

     Thank you very much for the time and help.


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