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[Xen-users] Xen 4.3 QEMU Upstream does not boot with VHD Snapshot

Hi all,
      I post this problem last week,  but did not receive any useful information.
      Since VHD is the default blktap2 disk image for xen 4.0 and xen 4.1, all vhd snapshot works well in old version xen. However, I tested vhd snapshot disk image with xen 4.3.0-rc6,  upstream qemu cannot recognize vhd snapshot files correctly. As a result, we cannot use qemu upstream to boot from vhd snapshot!  According to my test, it is qemu that cannot work with vhd snapshot disk image.
     My question is, whether there is a patch that can make qemu upstream recognize vhd snapshot correctly? Just like what was done in qemu-xen-traditional?

Best Regards

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