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[Xen-users] Ask about how to enable HVM for guest host on Xen6.2

for esxi 5.1 ,  we do can something like that  
(1) esxi 5.1 installed on physic server like HP DL380G6
(2) install Xen6.2 on esxi 5.1 as one vm, but can use the CPU vmx&ept  , by enable vhv.enable =true on esxi vm hosts
(3) and can install some guest on Xen 6.2,  and support eh virtual tech.

but i do not know it is possible to do
(1) install Xen 6.2 on HP DL380G6  , it is OK.
(2) install ubuntu 12.04 as vm,  but kvm-ok check ,CPU cannot support vmx&ept.  and how to share virtual support from physic CPU

because i want install kvm on the ubuntu 12.04. and i want to  test  cloudstack

pls give me some support.  thanks a lot.

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