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Re: [Xen-users] dom0_mem parameter produces errors fsck and du command

2013/7/22 Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>

El 22/07/13 15:56, Flako escribió:

I have noticed something "strange" happens when using the parameter

I use a SLES11 SP2 with kernel 3.0.13-0.27-xen x86_64 where grub
parameters are 'kernel /xen.gz vga=mode-0x317 dom0_mem=1024M'
The computer has 4GB RAM, which runs one DomU 2GB RAM (backuppc)

When I run the command 'du' or 'fsck' in the dom0, these commands behave
What makes you to relate those errors with dom0_mem parameter?
(in any case, bad memory CAN manifest itself as corrupt data on the disk)

Any suggestions you can produce?
There is a hardware error, because by using the same hardware and run
the fsck produces no errors
Find it out.

Make sure your RAM is ok running a memtest86 on it.
Check your disk with badblocks.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

Hi Alexandre,
I'm sure it produces dom0_mem because:

   -Change all full hard (motherboard, hard disk, RAM, power supply) and reinstall the OS from scratch but still fails fsck
    - The disks before using the check with badblocks and smartctl.
    - If I start a livecd on it hard, there is no fsck error
    - If you start a non-xen kernel (same kernel without xen enabled) is not fsck error occurs
    - If you reboot with xen kernel without dom0_mem parameter error occurs not fsck
    - Memtest shows no errors (but I could not let it go more than one pass)

Apparently there is a hardware problem (although it could be incompatibility),
It happens when using dom0_mem, but I can not understand why.

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