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[Xen-users] Have you ever met this behavior with IGD passthrough?

Hi guys,

I know that both of you are playing with IGD passthrough. So I would
like to check with you if I'm the only one that saw this behavior.
In my system, the panel becomes flickering rapidly with different
colors after domU starts. This lasts until the guest loads gfx driver.
There is a workaround by loading the VGA module in GRUB2, which
greatly shorten the time it flickers. But with a natively installed
windows guest, the flickering lasts until the OS get the login screen
prepared. But if the windows is not properly shutdown and the system
enters the repairing screen in next boot, you can simply see nothing
in this case.

This is not show-stopper but is quite annoying. But to my surprise, it
seems that nobody mentions this behavior in blogs / mail-lists. What's
your case then?

PS: Previously (e.g. xen 4.2.x), this flickering only happens happen
on a second guest boot and later-on (Per host reboot). I just upgraded
to xen 4.3.0, and haven't got chance to see if this behavior has


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