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[Xen-users] powerdown problem on XEN

Hi guys,
I have a problem with powering down my system under the XEN hypervisor. System details are as follows:

gentoo linux, X86_64
XEN version 4.2.2
linux hardened kernel 3.9.5 as dom0
Xeon E3 1260L processor (vt-d capable)
32GB ECC RAM which has been thoroughly tested - so should be o.k.

when I issue "shutdown -h now" from dom0 the system usually reboots instead of turning off power to the machine. There's the odd occassion (probably 1 in every 10 to 20 shutdown attempts) when the system power is actually turned off. There seems to be no rule to follow when this happens.

If I use the exact same kernel and start w/o the XEN hypervisor powerdown *always* works as expected when I use "shutdown -h now". So on the face of it, this seems to point to the XEN hypervisor as the culprit.

Any idea/help on how to track down and solve the issue would be very much appreciated. If you require any more information / log data, I'm more than happy to provide that.

Unfortuantely however, there seems to be no log / dmesg data available during shutdown as syslog-ng is stopped. The only thing I can confirm that there's no strange output on the console during either bootup or shutdown: All services / daemons start up o.k. and also during shutdown all services seem to come to a proper halt. The root filesystem is re-mounted r/o and the last message reads "Power down" - only to then reboot the system by going through a BIOS power-on sequence.

Thanks and regards,


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