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[Xen-users] [Xen-devel] Performance test regarding xenstored


I am running a mail benchmark test using smtp-source[1] with VM running postfix on Xen hypervisor. My system configuration is: 

uname -a ->
Linux cadlab 3.1.10-1.19-xen #1 SMP Mon Feb 25 10:32:50 UTC 2013 (f0b13a3) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I am observing a very high disk write usage by xenstored (some 5 Mbps) without even anything running on the VM. Is it normal?

During test, I increase the mail request rate and I see that xenstored usage going down as I increase the workload more and more. Basically, after certain point, delays in the mail starts getting increased and I am suspecting the disk usage to be the reason for this. However, at the time of saturation, disk usage by VM comes out to be around 1 Mbps. So, I am not sure that why it is not able to take more disk bandwidth. Has it something to do with xenstored. Can someone please give some insights?

Thanks & Regards
Mohit Dhingra 
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