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[Xen-users] R: [BUG] keyboard not working in xencenter console with Windows VM

same problem with Windows XP SP3
some problem accessing with XenCenter from different clients (XP and W7)

the only interesting logs seem:

[20130906T07:25:14.943Z|debug|titanio|191 INET|Connection to VM 
console R:73f4468306ca|console] Proxy exited
[20130906T07:25:14.947Z|debug|titanio|96 INET|event.from D:
1327d493dfe8|backgroundscheduler] Removing function 
event_from_timeout_OpaqueRef:13beff3c-91a5-78e9-6707-6a3ad83e3203 from queue

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: mmiat@xxxxxxxxx
>Data: 04/09/2013 9.33
>A: <xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Ogg: [BUG] keyboard not working in xencenter console with Windows VM
>I've Debian 7 64bit with Xen 4.1 and XenCenter 6.2 build 1204
>I successfully installed 3 debian guest VM, and all is ok
>But I tried to install a Windows Server 2003 VM and I can't use console, it 
>doesn't respond
>I googled and find some users with similar problem, but they solved simply 
>close and enter xencenter, but in my case this workaround doesn't work
>I don't have /var/log/xen/console log file, but other useful files are here: 

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