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[Xen-users] Topology question


I tried to find what I am looking for for a while, but did not succeed so far.

So maybe one could point me into the right direction, or give me a nice hint, or
even a solution...

I've got a root server, which is my Xen Host (Debian Wheezy)
and managed to install Xen 4.2, by modifying the apt-sources.

I've got 5 public IPs available (say x.x.x.A to x.x.x.A) so far.

I now have a Domain, let's say mydoma.in pointing to x.x.x.D (this is going to 
my coordinating guest)

with two PVs - my name servers:

        - ns1.mydoma.in pointing to  x.x.x.B and
        - ns2.mydoma.in pointing to  x.x.x.C and

whereas the domain itself:

So far the network setup is as follows:

on host:
xenbr0 (ip x.x.x.A) via eth0 with all guests attached to it. (x.x.x.{B,C,D}).
All guests have internet access, are pingable etc.

Next thing is that I want to setup an own guest for every subdomain, e.g.

        - oc.mydoma.in
        - mail.mydoma.in
        - www.mydoma.in
        - vpn.mydoma.in
        - etc.

I want all the the subdomain DomUs as well as the domain DomU itself
to be able to see each other, but only want to assign one single public IP
to the "mydoma.in"-DomU.
Depending on the Port my domain main DomU should route the requests
to the corresponding sub domain domU.

I also only have one physical NIC (eth0) on my server and only can add
vif's (eth0:0, eth0:1...).

A lot of examples I found is for XEN 3.0. I could not yet get everything up
and running as desired.


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