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[Xen-users] Announce: Nuxis 2.0.0



Nuxis is an integrated solution for virtualization management. Some of its features are centralized management of nodes/physical machines and virtual machines, management of virtual networks, storage management, ISO management, monitoring and statistics charts, backup/restore of appliance configurations, import from and export to other virtualization systems using the OVF format, access control, support for multiple operating systems on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, including Linux and Windows, paravirtualized hardware acceleration drivers, live migrate, PXE boot, Web management, storage management with LVM, and more.


We are pleased to announce major version 2.0.0. It's now based on 64-bit CentOS6 with the xen4centos repository. There are many bugfixes and a few enhancements:


- physical volume resizing

- triggering a warning message when one snapshot is out of free space

- implementation of Storage iSCSI configuration and support.

- Libvirt has been updated to, Xen to 4.2.3, and the kernel to 3.4.61.


For more information please check http://freecode.com/projects/etvm and homepage http://www.nuxis.com. As always the code is at github https://github.com/eurotux/ETVA.


We have a users mailling list at http://mailman.nuxis.com/pipermail/nuxis-users/


Best regards,

Nuno Fernandes

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