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Re: [Xen-users] fresh xcp 1.6 & xenserver install fails on first boot (kernel not found).

Nope real raid. 
Scrs16 intel which uses a megaraid driver iirc.
An mentioned that - which would explain why my attemptsto repair grub have been 
Will be looking at the extlinux config as soon as I get to a desk 

Side question. Xen proper uses xl ? Which is newer than xcp and xenserver?
Xcp won't be released anymore since xenserver open sourced. So will xenserver 
upgrade to the new xen?

Or am I better to roll my own combination as so many of you seem to be doing? 
(I guess I'm a slow learner but I can learn ;-) )

Thanks! Will let you know what I see when I look at extlinux config. 


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On Mon, 09/23/2013 03:19 AM, "mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi again...
> I'm pretty sure the missing grub.conf is relevant if not key - though I'm 
> still sure how to fix it.
> The resulting info from theboot-repair-cd seem to point to grub not being 
> properly installed. But I'm not sure hwo to remedy that.
> Thanks again!
> M

I'm probably several threads behind on this one, but the grub bootloader is not 
a part of XenServer/XCP. It uses EXTLINUX 
Is your RAID device a fakeraid device?

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