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[Xen-users] Direct network traffic to Mini-OS domU


i'll try to be as clear as possible even though my bad english.
I'm using Xen release 3.8.0 and Ubuntu 13.04 as dom0.

I created a domU in which Mini-OS (with lwip) is run. I need to direct all the outbond network traffic to Mini-OS.

I'm using bridge configuration, so dom0 has the following interfaces:

eth0 IP:

In Mini-OS domain i only have eth0, with as IP and it's obviously bounded to the virbr0 bridge (I set in domain_config: vif=["bridge=virbr0, ip=

When a different domU bounded to the same bridge sends packets to Mini-OS, they reach the destination.
Now i want that every packet that reaches dom0 is redirected to Mini-OS. I'm trying to use iptables, but i can't make it work.

Have you got any suggestions? Is bridge configuration the better one in this case?
Thank you a lot.
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