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Re: [Xen-users] How to setup low CPU priority domU


sorry for late response. I've been on holidays.

Dne 26.9.2013 10:06, Dario Faggioli napsal(a):
On mar, 2013-09-24 at 09:57 +0200, Jan Hejl wrote:
Hello everyone,


i would like to use one of my domU with all 32 hardware cores but
with lower priority (something like nice 10), but setting cpu weight
seems to be someway unstable.

You mean you want that domU to have 32 vCPUs? Can I ask you from where
this requirement comes from?
There's a lot of free resource over night when everyone sleeps and i want to use these resources to build video rendering farm. Does it makes sense?

Dom0 is Gentoo with Xen 4.3.0, 2 AMD Opetrons 6274 (32 cores), 64GB of
memory, but dom0 runs on 16 cores and 32GB of memory. Hosts 5 linux
domUs with similiar configs, each from 2 to 4 cores, from 1GB to 4GB of
memory. DomU with all cores is Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise with
Terminal Services installed.

Mmm... nice setup! :-P
Thank you. It's just one of four slots in 2U TWIN.

Do you mind sending here the output of the following commands, to help
us picture the situation better?

~# xl info -n
~# xl list -n
~# xl vcpu-list

If possible, run the following two too:

~# xl debug-key u
~# xl dmesg > xl-dmesg.log

And attach the xl-dmesg.log file.

Of course, do all the above with all your domains up and running, and
after the re-weighting of the Win server.

When I set cpu-weight to 192 (others have 256 - default), it starts to
lag. Applications became pretty slow and unstable.

You mean apps inside the Win server with 32 vCPUs or in general?
Whole machine is slow. It behaves like old 386 PC when you disabled that TURBO button. Everything slowed down.



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