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[Xen-users] Monitor performance metrics

I need to write a Java application that is remotely collecting and monitoring performance informations/metrics from a Xen hypervisor. This Java application should fetch the same informations from xen that „xm info“ and „xm top“ displays.

Used Xen version: Xen 4.1.3 with the deamon xend, the default toolstack and the console xm.


Can anyone tell me which direction I should look for a solution?

Is there a Java binding respectively a Java API for Xen (with xend and the default toolstack with xm)?

I understood it using Libvirt (that habe a Java binding) requires to use the Toolstack Libvirt in Xen. So, is it possible to have both installed, the default toolstack and Libvirt?

Thanks in advance for all answers!

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