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Re: [Xen-users] "BSOD STOP : 0x000000F4" installing gplpv_Vista2008x32_0.11.0.372

> Hi James
> Install gplpv_Vista2008x32_1.0.1089_debug.msi produces the same BSOD
> but at least install some driver (xenpci xenvbd but I think they are
> not functional)
> Furthermore, it generates BSOD on WindowsXP, but when I restart
> windows XP detects changes in hardware and confugrar with the correct
> diver, you want to send those on XP?

I can't see any messages from gplpv in the logfiles. Are you using qemu 
upstream? If you are then no logs are produced.

Also can you try with phy: or file: instead of qcow:? I've seen problems before 
with tap, but I think those are all resolved now.


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