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[Xen-users] debian jessie crash

I just upgraded to the latest packages from Jessie on my test server and now it 
won't boot.

Xen 4.1 (debian 4.1.4-4) and 4.3 (debian 4.3.0-3+b1) won't boot with 3.12 
(debian 3.12.6-2)
Xen 4.3 won't boot with 3.11 (debian 3.11.10-1)
Haven't tried Xen 4.1 with either

3.12 works by itself without loading the hypervisor.

Xen 4.3 was working with 3.11, so I'm really not sure what has broken it.

Any obvious suggestions before I go gathering more information?

The server is a HP ML115 with a AMD 1210 processor, so is getting on a bit but 
still good for testing.



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