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Re: [Xen-users] Individual block device generating load

On 07/02/14 16:15, Joshua M Boniface wrote:
> Hello Xen-users:
> I've got a Xen system with multiple running (production) VMs, using the
> xm toolstack on Debian Squeeze. I'm noticing a large amount of disk I/O
> via dstat, and I'm trying to see which Xen DomU block device is
> generating the load. xentop offers a bit of information on reads/writes,
> but it's on a per-domain level, not a per-block-device level. The block
> devices in question are logical volumes.
> Is there a way to see a breakdown of the disk I/O per device, or a set
> of virtual block devices that I could pass to dstat?

You can enable log stats in blkback:

# echo 1 >/sys/module/xen_blkback/parameters/log_stats

This will print the stats of each blkback backend periodically on dmesg.


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