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Re: [Xen-users] Want to demo or assist at the Xen Project booth at SCALE 12X?

For those who don't already know the conference,  their website is here:


It's a great FOSS conference for those who love Open Source.


On Feb 7, 2014 2:05 PM, "Russ Pavlicek" <russell.pavlicek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Are you are planning to attend SCALE 12X and you can demo something
running Xen Project software?  Would you like an opportunity to show
that demo at the Xen Project booth?

We are looking for a couple good demos to be performed at the Xen
Project booth during SCALE 12X in Los Angeles later this month.

If you are:

1) A user with something cool or an interesting story involving Xen
Project software,
2) An Open Source project which works with Xen Project software, or
3) A vendor with a solution leveraging Xen Project software

this is your opportunity to do some show-and-tell in the Xen Project
booth (vendors: since this is a non-commercial booth, you can demo and
hand out literature, but no closing business at our booth, okay?).

Contact me and describe what you'd like to do.  You might just get a
chance to show your stuff at the booth.

Also, I could really use a couple people who'd be willing to spend an
hour or two talking to people who come by the booth.  You don't need
to be a guru.  If you have some Xen knowledge, or a story to tell (how
you use Xen in your organization, why you picked Xen, etc.), we'd
welcome having you in the booth for a while to talk to people as they
come by.

If you help out, I'll make sure you get one of our cool Xen Project
T-shirts (which flew out of the booth in record time last year)!

Drop me a line if you're willing to be part of the Xen Project booth
at SCALE 12X.


Russ Pavlicek
Xen Project Evangelist/Booth Guy/Loudmouth
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